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“Good Guys Don’t Exist”

It was then that I realized that the bad relationships I had in high school were the natural result of my whole outlook on life. I had a total lack of trust in God. I didn’t think he had a plan for girls like me, so I’d grab onto whatever looked like love at the … Continue reading

Is Chivalry Dead?

As a whole, our society seems to think that there are two extremes: the damsel in distress and the independent woman. Either we rely on men to wait on us hand and foot or we don’t let them in at all. So which is it? Which role truly illustrates what it means to be a … Continue reading

“Boys will be Boys”

One elderly man said it best: “I’ve seen a lot of generations come and go, and all the guys have been the same: saying sweet things to get the girls to do stuff with them. But this generation of women is different. They’re stupid enough to let the guys have it.” Pure Womanhood, Pg. 6 … Continue reading

Fall in Love with Christ

Ladies, if you are struggling with addiction, self-hatred, sexual sin, an eating disorder, etc., then I strongly encourage you to watch this lecture by Jackie Francois and to watch it in its entirety. I was searching for a topic to discuss with you today when I came across this video, and Jackie just covered all the … Continue reading

On the Topic of Sex

As a young woman in today’s modern world, I have observed that the topic of sex crops up constantly. It is mentioned in the lyrics of popular songs, within the plots of movies and TV shows, in everyday conversation, on the covers of magazines, etc. Why? And what is the result of this treatment? In the … Continue reading

“If Only I had Her Body”

“Between all of the diet pills and throwing up, we somehow managed to convince ourselves that we were gaining control over our lives and our bodies. The truth is we were becoming slaves to our insecurities … Because we pinned our self-worth on our looks, our hearts were never at rest. Why did we put … Continue reading

Dirty Mouth, Dirty Life

I remember the first time I said a curse word, my mother was utterly mortified. Ironically though, it was a complete accident, I was not even aware that what I had said was a word let alone a bad one. Therefore, I was very confused as to why my mother had asked, “Sweetie, where did … Continue reading

Women as witnesses

Originally posted on Catholic Women Rising:
Speaking in his General Audience today, Pope Francis emphasised the importance and role that women have to play within the Catholic Church, as unselfish communicators of the Gospel. The women are driven by love and know how to accept this proclamation with faith: they believe, and immediately transmit it,…