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Saint of the Day: Our Lady of Guadalupe

A short post honoring the Blessed Mother. Thank you Mama Mary for devoting your life to our King and the salvation of His children. Continue reading


St. Florian – Patron Saint of Firefighters

Given recent tragedies, I thought it would appropriate to share the life of St. Florian with my readers. It could be of use to those who wish to pray for the first responders, firefighters, and policemen who provide assistance to the victims of such devastating events. St. Florian was a warrior; an officer in the Roman army. He was … Continue reading

St. Jude Thaddaeus

Saint Jude Thaddaeus is one of my favorite saints! However, I did not choose him, he chose me. When I was younger I did not feel a strong connection to the angels or saints. I thought it was wonderful that the Catholic Faith had that aspect, but it didn’t seem to impact me the way … Continue reading

St. Joan of Arc

Talk about a warrior princess. How amazing is it that at the age of seventeen she was given a small army to command? (For a full biography click here!) As you know, I consider myself to not only be “Daddy’s Little Brat,” but also His “Warrior Princess.” What better role model is there, in terms … Continue reading

A Man of the Beatitudes

I started reading “A Man of the Beatitudes: Pier Giorgio Frassati” authored by his sister Luciana Frassati several weeks ago. It did not take long for me to become absolutely fascinated with this man. He was not only handsome, but holy; beautiful inside and out. But that is not why I am sharing his life with you … Continue reading