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The Extra Mile

This video is absolutely adorable! And as a female college student I can most definitely confirm that this little guy is 100% correct! ;) Advertisements

Fall in Love with Christ

Ladies, if you are struggling with addiction, self-hatred, sexual sin, an eating disorder, etc., then I strongly encourage you to watch this lecture by Jackie Francois and to watch it in its entirety. I was searching for a topic to discuss with you today when I came across this video, and Jackie just covered all the … Continue reading

Genesis 7:9 – The Great Flood

  Since this is a fairly common and well-known story, I have decided to skip the detailed summary for this reading. I do however, encourage you to read it on your own to brush up your memory of it. While reading this text I was reminded of the movie Evan Almighty, and the scene that I posted above … Continue reading

“If Only I had Her Body”

“Between all of the diet pills and throwing up, we somehow managed to convince ourselves that we were gaining control over our lives and our bodies. The truth is we were becoming slaves to our insecurities … Because we pinned our self-worth on our looks, our hearts were never at rest. Why did we put … Continue reading

Patron Saint of Xbox

Here is a talk given by Mark Hart, a youth minister and popularly known as “the Bible Geek.” (Check out his book “Ask the Bible Geek: Answers to Questions from Catholic Teens.”) Anyway, I stumbled upon this gem yesterday while searching for an Adam and Eve video for my previous post. Below, Mark discusses his … Continue reading