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Crossroads 2013 Daily Reflection #11

Mary set out and journeyed in haste into the hill country . . . Mary remained with Elizabeth for about three months. -Lk 1:39, 56 REFLECTION: After Mary was told she would be the mother of God, the truth of her new status did not distract her from Elizabeth’s needs. Real encounters with God do … Continue reading

“Young Apostles” or Kids in T-Shirts

In my posts leading up to Crossroads, I mentioned that this experience was going to be one of the biggest spiritual battles I have ever faced. Boy was I right and I don’t think I fully understood what an adventure this would be until I was in the thick of it. Within the first week … Continue reading

Crossroads 2013 Daily Reflection #9

Before the foundation of the world He chose us … -Eph 1:4 REFLECTION: God’s choice always comes before ours. We could not choose to be created because we were not there to do the choosing. From all eternity, He took the initiative to make us and to save us. Our choices are secondary and are … Continue reading

Crossroads 2013 Daily Reflection #8

It is necessary to nurture … a contemplative outlook … arising from faith in God, the author of life, who has “wonderfully made” each person … – The Gospel of Life, 83 REFLECTION: There are two ways to look at a tree: we can calculate the value of the lumber; or we can be moved … Continue reading

Crossroads 2013 Daily Reflection #7

Due to tike constraints I was not able to post this yesterday. However, I am able to today! Enjoy! The requirements of the Law are inscribed in their hearts; and their own conscience will also bear witness for them. -Rom 2:15 REFLECTION: Since the early ’90s, over half of the freestanding abortion facilities in the … Continue reading

Crossroads 2013 Daily Reflection #6

Good morning! Thank you so much to my readers for your patience! I have not been in able to access wifi for several days so I have been using my cell phone to upload my reflections. In doing so I hadn’t realized that I was making my posts password protected. XD Again I apologize! Thank … Continue reading

Crossroads 2013 Daily Reflection #5

If both of you and the king who reigns over you follow the Lord your God-good! -1 Sam 12:14 REFLECTION: Pro-abortion politicians will say to us, “My office does not deal with abortion.” But their position on abortion tells us what they think of government: does it protect rights that come from God, or does … Continue reading

Crossroads 2013 Daily Reflection #4

To my loyal followers: I am sorry that I have not been able to keep up with my normal schedule while working on this mission. However, I will promise that a personal piece regarding my experience of this ministry thus far will be posted in the next couple of days. Please keep us walkers in … Continue reading