Blog Schedule

Weekly Schedule:

PSALM SUNDAY: To set the tone of the week, each Sunday I will pick a Psalm to be the central theme for the succeeding seven days. I do not want to have a post on this day that is too extensive, because Sunday is the Lord’s Day, so I thought this would be appropriate. Plus, it is an opportunity for me to ensure that I am in the right disposition at the start of a new week.

WOMANHOOD/MARY MONDAY: I myself am a young Catholic woman, and as such there are certain issues I feel are important for me to touch on. I believe that many traditional values including a variety of Christian values have been lost with the modern concepts of tolerance and gender neutrality. Therefore, I would like to share my view of what femininity truly is and how to fight against the cultural and social lies concerning what it means to be a woman in the modern world. At the end of each of these posts there will be a short prayer or dedication to Mary; the perfect role model for all women.

(OLD) TESTAMENT TUESDAY: The Bible is a big and complicated book; this may even be an understatement. So I’m splitting it up into sections. Each week I will read three chapters from the Old Testament and write a post about what I thought of it and what motifs I found inspiring or vital. Yes, I will be going in order, from Genesis to Malachi. I wish that I could promise you more Scripture; however, my current vocation is as a college student. Thus, in order to maintain a diverse subject-matter among my blog posts and keep my studies afloat, this is what I deem doable.

FREE DAY WEDNESDAY: With my academic schedule, Wednesdays are oddly enough my busiest. So I decided that this will be my “free” day. This means that I can either choose to upload a post or not. And if I do choose to post something than it it can be on anything that I wish to discuss.

(NEW) TESTAMENT THURSDAY: Thursday’s posts will be the same as Tuesday’s with one difference, I will reflect on readings from the New Testament rather than the Old. Ergo, each week I will be reading three chapters from the New Testament as well, and every Thursday I will share with you what I read and what I took from that text.

CATECHISM FRIDAY: Along with selected excerpts from Scripture, I will be reading one topic from “The Catechism of the Catholic Church” each week. (Want to read it too? Click here for a free online version.) Then, I will publish a post that addresses that passage along with my comments every Friday.

SAINT SATURDAY: As I stated before on the Armory page, the lives of the Saints are a resource not to be overlooked. So every Saturday I will be choosing one Saint to spotlight. I will provide a brief overview or a link that gives their biography followed by what I learned from their experiences and how I will try to follow in their footsteps.

Additional Posts:

HOLY CARD SURPRISE: I had a religion teacher in high school by the name of Mrs. Lily. One of her little sayings was, “The one with the most holy cards wins!” While she was only kidding there was a grain of truth in her statement. Holy cards are small, convient reminders and teachers of our faith. Therefore, whenever I feel it is appropriate, I will create a post with a picture of a holy card and, if I so choose, a short reflection as an exercise in prayer. If for some reason I cannot publish the normal post for a given day, I will try to at least share a holy card with you! (Don’t have any prayer cards, but are interested in obtaining some? Try your local Catholic church; most parishes will have pamphlets and holy cards available for visitors and parishioners near the entrance. Or order online, I got a handful of my holy cards here.)

LETTERS TO GOD: A well-rounded prayer life does not just include reading the Bible, going to mass, and asking for the intersession of Saints, it is also an opportunity for us to share our hearts with Him. Yes, reading Scripture and going to Church are very important because they provide ways for us to learn about and remind us of God. Nonetheless, it is also crucial to give as well as to receive in regards to our relationship with Him. This type of post will probably be the most rare, but I will be sharing with you some of my prayers to God through these posts.

Important Notice:

Understand that I am a college student and so my studies will come before this blog; do not however, confuse this blog with my faith life or my love for God. Meaning, there may be times when I am not able to post what I have promised. If this occurs I apologize in advance.


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