About Blog

The Short Story:

For those of you who do not wish to read my entire life story, here is the short version: I was raised by a single mom, so at a very young age God filled the role of Father. But I am a very stubborn short-tempered young Irish woman, thus I have given myself the title “Daddy’s Little Brat” because more often than not when things don’t go my way I throw a small tantrum. However, God always waits for me to finish screaming and then reveals His wisdom to me. It wasn’t until college that I truly became His princess, because it wasn’t until then that I started to fight for Him. So not only am I “Daddy’s Little Brat,” but I am also His “Warrior Princess.” Therefore, this blog is about my journey in becoming closer to the one true God. (See the Armory and Blog Schedule pages for more details.)

The Long Story:

Growing up I thought of myself as a fairly holy person with a good understanding of the Catholic faith. But then I went to college. It was important to me as a senior in high school to attend a Catholic institution for my college education. At the time it was not my number one priority, as academics were being stressed over faith-life by my mentors. But by the grace of God, the school I ended up choosing was a small Catholic college known as Franciscan University. This was probably the best decision I have ever made thus far.

In my freshman year of college, upon meeting the students and staff of Franciscan, I was shocked to discover how little I knew about Catholicism. For example, did you know that missing mass is a mortal sin?! I didn’t! Not until my roommate made the exclamation after I casually made a comment about missing mass. (For more information about this topic check out this blog by Father Greg!)

God knew that my faith was not as stable or as vast as I believed it to be at the time. That is why I was called to Franciscan, because if I had gone to a non-Catholic university no doubt would have lost what little grip I had on my faith altogether. I was blind and God let me see. However, let me emphasize that the transformation did not happen in the blink of an eye. In fact, I became angry with God at first because He was constantly forcing His way into my life. With all the constant reminders I felt guilty and ashamed; I liked the way I had been living, it was easy and full of instant pleasure. And now He was making it hard for me to still consider that type of lifestyle acceptable.

After one year at Franciscan I transferred to another Catholic university. No, it was not because I couldn’t stand the “crazy Catholic culture” anymore. It was quite the opposite actually. I had fallen deeply in love with the school and with the people of Franciscan, but I knew that it held no more challenges for me. I had learned all that I could from them and it was time for me to go out and find that next stepping stone. While I do miss Franciscan, I know that I made the right choice in leaving. At my new institution, I am challenged academically, emotionally, and spiritually each and everyday and in ways that I would not have imagined I would be in the past. I have become a stronger and more faithful woman by both attending and leaving Franciscan.

So what does all of this have to do with this blog? Well, even though I realized how bad a Catholic I was two years ago, it has taken me that long to finally become fed up with being so ignorant and so far from my King. Finally, I have decided that I’m going to do something about it; I am going to stand up and fight for Him. That is what this blog is about. As I take each step towards the foot of His cross, I want to share my faith journey with others.


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