“Young Apostles” or Kids in T-Shirts

20130520_164846In my posts leading up to Crossroads, I mentioned that this experience was going to be one of the biggest spiritual battles I have ever faced. Boy was I right and I don’t think I fully understood what an adventure this would be until I was in the thick of it. Within the first week I felt as though I had jumped off a building and landed flat on my bum.

On average our group (the Northern walk; I was transferred) walks 35 miles a day, and we continue to increase that number. We spend five days a week walking and we attend mass every day so that we can carry Christ with us as we walk. On the weekends we pray outside of an abortion clinic in the area and we visit  local parishes to speak about our cause and ask for donations.

As I predicted fitting ten people in one RV at night and having to use nature as a restroom is challenging, but that was to be expected. The one obstacle that I was not prepared for was being humbled on a daily basis. This comes in many forms, from having to wash dishes in a Walmart ladies room to being called next to a saint in a priest’s homily.

What we’re doing, how we are fighting is extremely simple; we are walking, wearing pro-life t-shirts, and praying. However, it isn’t an easy task because it’s against the grain. If we change but one heart this summer, it will all be worth it. Keep us in your prayers and if you would like us to pray for you as we walk please leave a comment with your intention below or send me a private message!


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