Psalm 54: Confident Prayer in Great Peril

As of yesterday, I have completed my first week of walking across the country. As I continue on, I realize that the obstacles may very well become more difficult. May God be with me every step of the way and help my to stand up for the dignity and sanctity of all human life.

I. O God, by your name save me.
By your strength defend my cause.
O God, hear my prayer.
Listen to the words of my mouth.
Strangers have risen against me;
the ruthless seek my life;
they do not keep God before them.

II. God is present as my helper,
the Lord sustains my life.
Turn back the evil upon my foes;
In your faithfulness, destroy them.
Then I will offer you generous sacrifice
and give thanks to your name, Lord,
for it is good.
Because it has rescued me from every
and my eyes look down on my foes.

P.S. Again thank you all so much for your patience and loyalty!


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