Is Chivalry Dead?

As a whole, our society seems to think that there are two extremes: the damsel in distress and the independent woman. Either we rely on men to wait on us hand and foot or we don’t let them in at all. So which is it? Which role truly illustrates what it means to be a woman? Or more specifically, a woman of God?

God made men and women to be equal in dignity, but He also made us different. Men are strong, but so are women. Women were never meant to be the “weaker sex.” In fact, our role in reproduction implies the absolute opposite. However, do not mistake what I am saying; I am not trying to convey that women are meant to pop out babies like a Pez dispenser or be tied to the stove and vacuum 24-7. Rather, a woman should do what she feels God is calling her to partake in.

We, as women, can do anything we put our minds to. We are smart, we are beautiful, we are strong, we are fighters. But remember ladies not to be too independent. When a man opens the door for you or offers to pay for lunch, he is trying to show his respect and love for you. Use your discretion and be true to yourself, but remember that a man may desire to assist you to demonstrate how much he appreciates you, not to oppress you. On the other hand, do not make him do all the dirty work; respect him in return.


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