Crossroads 2013 Daily Reflection #6

Good morning! Thank you so much to my readers for your patience! I have not been in able to access wifi for several days so I have been using my cell phone to upload my reflections. In doing so I hadn’t realized that I was making my posts password protected. XD Again I apologize! Thank you so much for your understanding.

And they shall name Him Emmanuel, a name that means “God is with us.”
-Mt 1:23

REFLECTION: In the midst of the abortion tragedy, the Church does not point fingers of condemnation. Rather, the Church extends hands of compassion and help to lift up out of despair those who are tempted to abort their children. 

   The Church informs her people of the many alternatives to abortion and says, “I am with you and will enable you to say ‘yes’ to life.”

PRAYER: Lord, may we reach out to those who are tempted to abort because they feel alone, that they may know that we and You are with them.

(Pg. 80, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day by Father Frank Pavone)


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