Crossroads 2013 Daily Reflection #4

To my loyal followers: I am sorry that I have not been able to keep up with my normal schedule while working on this mission. However, I will promise that a personal piece regarding my experience of this ministry thus far will be posted in the next couple of days. Please keep us walkers in your prayers!!

Did not He Who made me in the womb make them?
-Job 31:15

REFLECTION: In a Culture of Life we recognize that miscarriage is the loss of an actual child, who is a person.

   Every reasonable effort should be made, therefore, to take the bodily remains of this child and commit them to the earth by a proper memorial service and burial. Such a witness is a significant step to building a culture of life.

PRAYER: Father, I entrust to You today all children who died from miscarriage and ask You to console their families.

(Pg. 80, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day by Father Frank Pavone)


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