Nailed Down

Absolutely beautiful … Thank you for the post.

The Dynamic Force

What can be nailed down
What can be held in place with metal spikes

A body; the body of an ancient Man
God; can you fix God in place with things that He created
A plan; an idea from the Mind that knows everything
A change; a ripple in time that confronts all evil
A future; the future of every human who has ever lived
Captivity; can you nail enslavement to a piece of wood
Lies; can you expose wickedness with a tree and some nails
Life; you can tie-up a person but you cannot tie-up Life

It was in nailing down a Life that life itself was set free
Perfection exposing a broken world to itself
Giving it the chance to see what it truly has become
Allowing it to be released; that is if it wants to be
Have you been set free; or have you not yet…

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