U is for Unique

A wonderful reminder of the beauty of each person. :)

A write a day can keep the writer (relatively) sane

This topic seems to relate more than a little to my last post. You are More Beautiful…

Anyways….the cool thing about the world is that everyone is unique. There may be someone who looks almost identical to you, but you’ll be different in your character and mannerisms. Even with twins.

Can you imagine a world where everyone looked alike or acted alike? If you have read Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, she describes a place like this, and there is just something unnatural about it. Of course, the evil guys were on that same planet too, and it was kind of a Stepford atmosphere, but still!!

It is really easy for people to get lost in the crowd when we don’t take time to see their uniqueness. For some people, like politicians, it is easier to keep the uniqueness at a distance. It’s a heck of a lot…

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