Crossroads – Taking Steps to Save Lives


As my loyal followers have probably noticed, this is not my typical Thursday post. Today, instead of commenting on my self-assigned reading, I thought it would be best to inform you of my upcoming summer plans. Next Wednesday I will hopping on a plane and landing in Sacramento, California, to begin fighting a two month battle; I will be participating in Crossroads.

Cross-what? Crossroads is a pro-life pilgrimage across the United States. I will literally be spending my summer walking across the country praying and ministering to others. This movement was originally founded in 1995 by a Franciscan student named Steve Sanborn. Every summer there are four walks that simultaneously march across the States counseling others, meditating in prayer, and rallying pro-life support. For more information or if you are interested in applying, click here.

If you’ve read my “About Blog” page, then you know that I transferred to my current college from Franciscan University. It was actually during my freshman year there that I learned about Crossroads through several friends who had applied for that summer. I was very curious about it and I remember looking into it way back when, but I just was too nervous and perhaps not spiritually prepared enough to take the leap and apply. Two years later, I still could not get the idea out of my mind or my heart, so I applied this past December and was accepted.

In high school I participated in the March for Life on several occasions and was a pro-life advocate, but one with a lukewarm attitude. I don’t think that I fully understood the horror of it until I was a sophomore in college. Within the past year or two I have really come to see life as God’s most precious gift; it is through life that we come to know His love and choose to love Him in return. And if life is God’s most precious gift, then there is no way that mine is being wasted on my watch.

So I do my best to give one hundred and ten percent of myself at all times, to not let opportunities pass me by, and to see every obstacle as a joy rather than a pain. Which is exactly the type of attitude I plan on carrying with me as I traverse across the States. As well as offering up my suffering for the sake of those who cannot speak for themselves, I am offering up my joy, my life. I believe that the best way to pay tribute to those cut down by this tragedy is by living my life as God intended it to be lived, to the fullest for His Glory. What better way to convert the hearts of others than through the beauty of life itself?

Before I conclude this post I would like to ensure you that I will do my best to keep up with my daily postings while I’m gone, but I cannot guarantee that I will have access to the internet every day. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I will be sharing this experience with you here on DLB in the near future. Before I conclude this article, I would like to ask for prayers. I know for a fact that I will be tested physically, mentally, and spiritually this summer, and though I am welcoming the challenge with open arms, prayers for strength can only help. :) .


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