Fall in Love with Christ

Ladies, if you are struggling with addiction, self-hatred, sexual sin, an eating disorder, etc., then I strongly encourage you to watch this lecture by Jackie Francois and to watch it in its entirety. I was searching for a topic to discuss with you today when I came across this video, and Jackie just covered all the bases. Therefore, I decided that I would share her words in today’s post instead.

Remember ladies, you are the daughters of the one true God, you are royalty. No matter how far you have steered away from God’s loving embrace, no matter what lies you have been told and believed, God will be there to run to you and pick you up into His arms the moment you ask Him to. He loves you with all His heart and He, the one true almighty God, has created you to be beautiful. You are a reflection of His love, you are the crown of creation, you are gorgeous.

In Jackie’s talk she mentions three cardinal virtues, and I thought that it might be helpful to include them below. She also mentioned a 54 day novena, if you are interested in praying this, I have provided a source here.

JUSTICE: To treat justly or fairly, guided by truth and reason.

FORTITUDE: Courage to do what is right, acting from the heart/reason/truth.

TEMPERANCE: Self-control.


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