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The Dynamic Force

How could I have got here; been tricked
Punched and kicked – now I feel sick
Why didn’t you tell me that you would take me
Twist me and make me do things that would break me

You said ‘this is good’; not that you would hold me
Grip me and mould me, secretly building the power to fold me
Now where do I go; is there still life to find
How do I think when you’ve stolen my mind

I’m lost – but the road was well marked
The signs they lied, saying ‘this is the way’ but now it’s so dark
There is no light here, just thickest emptiness
Is anything left for me; I couldn’t have less

I can’t leave you; a battered wife
I need you – but you’re killing my life
Somehow we’re connected; your evil in my soul
You have infected my spirit and…

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