Genesis 13-15: From Abram and Lot Part to The Covenant with Abram

Dear Daddy,

Thank you for this day and its challenges, for they have led me closer to You, and thank you also for Your Word.

My God, You once said to Abram in a vision, “Do not fear Abram! I am your shield; I will make your reward very great” (Genesis 15:1).  I ask that You be my shield in the same manner, but I want no reward; at least not in the conventional sense. Father, help me to avoid earthly praise and seek humility. Help me to raise You up, to glorify You, and to love You. Help me to lead Your children back into Your loving embrace.

I wish to serve You, Lord, and to obey Your commands just as diligently as Abram did. I wish to make a covenant with You, Lord. This is my promise: I will fall. I will fail. I will hurt You. I will deny You. But I will never stop fighting to try and make these statements false. I will never stop loving You, though I may forget from time to time. I will never stop loving Your children. I will never cease to be grateful and to be humbled by Your love for me.

Thank You Daddy for loving Your Spoiled Little Brat.

All That I Am,
Your Princess


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