“If he has a Bad Imagination, that’s His Problem”

A woman’s figure is absolutely powerful. It has the ability to completely intoxicate a man. It is one of the most beautiful sights that has been beheld on the face of the earth. It is sacred, and therefore should be treated as such.

In this section of Crystalina Evert’s “Pure Womanhood,” the main topic is modesty. She describes how dressing inappropriately will attract men who are interested in only one thing.

Women have power. By the way we dress, by the way we dance, and by the way we carry ourselves, we can invite a man to be a gentleman or a beast. So if a girl wants a guy to appreciate her intelligence and personality, she’s probably better off not distracting him with her pierced belly-button (pg 4-5).

Crystalina then poses an intriguing question: “What do I really want? Is it more exciting to be loved by one man or to be gawked at by many?” When we dress modestly we are calling our boys to be men; to fight for and to protect our hearts and minds along with our bodies. In addition, we are fighting for and protecting theirs in return.

Sure, we have the power to turn heads. But we also have the power to turn hearts. We can turn those hearts toward heaven or toward ourselves. But when we turn their attention to our body parts, we’re inviting them to “love” us for the wrong thing (pg 5).

In reality ladies, modesty is much more captivating than any pair of short shorts or low-cut tube top. It illustrates that you not only have respect for yourself, but for your fellow men; true beauty shines through. Remember that your body is an amazingly beautiful gift, and that it is meant for one man and one man only, your future husband. Love him enough to wait, love him enough to protect and care for yourself until the time comes when you can share yourself with him.

P.S. For my readers who are faithful followers, I have provided the third part of Jason and Crystalina Evert’s talk on “Romance without Regret.” If you would like to take a look at the first two snippet’s of this lecture, check out my previous posts on “Pure Womanhood” here and here!



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