St. Florian – Patron Saint of Firefighters

Given recent tragedies, I thought it would appropriate to share the life of St. Florian with my readers. It could be of use to those who wish to pray for the first responders, firefighters, and policemen who provide assistance to the victims of such devastating events.

St. Florian was a warrior; an officer in the Roman army. He was also in charge of assembling the firefighting brigades. When Rome discovered that Florian was not persecuting the Christians in his region, a man named Aquilinus was sent to investigate Florian’s leadership. However, when Florian refused to make a sacrifice to the Roman gods, as instructed by Aquilinus, he was martyred for his “disobedience.” For a more complete biography, I highly suggest reading this article. Also, I have provided a holy card with a picture of St. Florian on the front and a “Firefighter’s Prayer” on the back.




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