Psalm 70: Prayer for Divine Help

Graciously rescue me, God!
Come quickly to help me, Lord!
Let those who seek my life
be confused and put to shame.
Let those who desire my ruin
turn back in disgrace.
Let those who say “Aha!”
turn back in their shame.
But may all who seek you
rejoice and be glad in you,
Those who long for your help
always say, “God be glorified!”
I am miserable and poor.
God, come to me quickly!
You are my help and deliverer.
Lord do not delay!

Because of pride I often refuse to ask for help. This is a habit that I need to learn to overcome, especially because I am college student. I am very lucky; I attend an institution that truly wants to see its students succeed. They offer all the resources you need to ensure that not only do you learn the material thoroughly and successfully, but you also grow stronger as an individual in doing so. However, if you do not ask and if you deny the helping hand, these wonderful tools are useless to you.

Admitting that you cannot complete a task on your own is a humbling experience. But instead of viewing it as a admittance of defeat, try and to see it as an opportunity to grow and to thrive. We are merely human, we will makes mistakes and we will fall, but God will always be there to catch to us. If you’re struggling with heartache, addiction, self-loathing, anger towards God, or any other ailment, remember He loves you. Jesus will always be there to lift you up, all you have to do is ask.

Dear Daddy:

As much as my ego does not want me to ask this of you, I am going to go against myself and ask anyway. I want to lead Your children Lord and to spread Your love. However, let me be a leader without knowing that I am leading. Let me lead by example and by deed rather than words alone. Deny me the praise Lord, and humble me every step of the way. Remind me that my accomplishments have been made possible through Your Son, Jesus Christ. I love you Papa.

Forever Yours,
Daddy’s Little Brat


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