Handing on the Faith: Catechesis

Today I read my second excerpt from the Catechism! Here, we finally start to get into the details. This particular section focused on the word “Catechesis.” But what does this word even mean? To answer that question I have provided the a quote from today’s reading:

 “Catechesis is an education in the faith of children, young people, and adults which includes especially the teaching of Christian doctrine imparted, generally speaking, in an organic and systematic way, with a view to initiating the hearers into the fullness of Christian life.”

While not being formally identified with them, catechesis is built on a certain number of elements of the Church’s pastoral mission which have a catechetical aspect, that prepare for catechesis, or spring from it. They are: the initial proclamation of the Gospel or missionary preaching to arouse faith; examination of the reasons for belief; experience of Christian living; celebration of the sacraments; integration into the ecclesial community; and apostolic and missionary witness.

(Click here to read it yourself!)

So basically, Catechesis is about being open and prepared to accept Christ into our lives. For, through the teachings of the Church, we can come to know God in a deep and unique way. The Church is an institution established by Jesus Christ Himself to provide His children with a loving home. Yes, there have been scandals in the past, and I do not deny that there may be more in the future, but this is because humans are fallible while God is perfect. So of course Satan attacked the Church, the thing he hates the most is when one of God’s children comes home.

Daddy, Thank you so much for Your Church.
It is a place where I can sit with you and love you freely.
Help me to support Your Church and to teach others of Your way.

I love You Papa,
Your Spoiled Little Brat


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