Dirty Mouth, Dirty Life

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 11.05.30 PMI remember the first time I said a curse word, my mother was utterly mortified. Ironically though, it was a complete accident, I was not even aware that what I had said was a word let alone a bad one. Therefore, I was very confused as to why my mother had asked, “Sweetie, where did you learn that word?!” I simply thought that I had misspoken while asking for my snoopy bath toy; instead of saying “where is my snoopy toy?” I had said, “where is my s**t?” Nevertheless, I was reprimanded for my unintentional slip.

After that, curse words didn’t come into the picture again until I was a preteen. It would occasionally crop up in PG13 films and television shows or from the mouth of some cocky boy trying to impress his friends between classes. Nonetheless, my mother did a very fine job of drilling it into me that “it is not ladylike to use foul language.” At the time, I just sort of took this justification at face value; cursing is bad and ladies must behave properly. It wasn’t until college that I realized I truly hated it when people cursed and why.

When a man curses in my presence, he directly insults my femininity. Now ladies, don’t get me wrong, we are not weak, fragile creatures that faint at the mere utterance of something wicked. Rather, we are strong, noble figures capable of doing anything we set our minds to. You see, if a man curses in front of me he is saying, “I have no intention of protecting your virtue or your nobility; I am too lazy as a man to fight for you as a woman.”

However, the blame is not entirely on the guys here! Women! Cursing will not result in a man giving you moral respect. Instead of seeing you as the crown of creation, he will be more inclined to see you as a play thing or the female equivalent of “one of the guys.”  Ladies, by integrating foul language into your everyday vocabulary you are communicating to your fellow men that they do not need to treat you with the respect and regality you so deserve. Plus, you are in turn saying that you refuse to fight for their purity and dignity as well!

But why is cursing considered “bad” in the first place? They’re just words right? Well yes, they are just words, but the images and lifestyle choices that these words are connected to are not of God. So whether or not you agree with me on its treatment within masculine and feminine roles, you must understand that cursing can be the tool that Satan uses to get his foot into the door of your heart. If saying this one word is okay, then listening to music with lyrics that contain said word is okay, then maybe a movie where this word is used is okay, and so on. It becomes an ongoing trend. If this one little thing is alright, then the next step to say that this other thing is alright becomes easier to take, until one day you wake up to realize just how far you have fallen from God’s grace.

Now before you go into your room and lock yourself away from the world with muffs protecting your lovely ears, let me say one last thing. You will not be able to hide from the evils of this world, nor should you try. People will curse in front of you, you will accidentally come across a sexual scene while flipping through TV channels, and you will be tempted to cheat and lie in order to obtain material goods. But remember that all things are possible through Christ; with His help you can overcome any obstacle. Start small, such as changing the radio station when an inappropriate song comes on, or asking your friends to try not to curse in front of you. Yes, it will be hard and yes, I struggle with these issues constantly myself, but no one ever said that following our Lord would be easy. The choice is yours, will you rise and fight with me in the name of our King?


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