A Man of the Beatitudes

6994I started reading “A Man of the Beatitudes: Pier Giorgio Frassati” authored by his sister Luciana Frassati several weeks ago. It did not take long for me to become absolutely fascinated with this man. He was not only handsome, but holy; beautiful inside and out. But that is not why I am sharing his life with you today. I wanted to talk about Pier because he was young man completely in love with Christ. (Click his picture for a short biography.)

He has the strength and courage to be what he is, not from opposition to his parents’ generation, not from a prognosis and diagnosis of the culture of the time, or some such idea, but from the Christian reality itself: that God is, that what sustains us is prayer, that the Eucharist nourishes what is eternal in us, that all people are brothers and sisters.” – Karl Rahner (pg. 16).

Pier Giorgio was 24 years old when he died, the cause was poliomyelitis which he probably contracted as a result of working with the poor. Again let me emphasize that he was 24 when he died! And at his funeral, the streets were lined with people who were loved and cared for by him. This man is a perfect example for today’s youth; embrace the cross, love Christ, and care for His children. If Pier Giorgio did it, even against the wishes and advice of his parents and others, then so can we.

Let us have the strength to accept truth and to shun evil. Let us as young Christians rise up and fight for our King by proclaiming His Gospel and by loving one another as Pier Giorgio did. Do not believe or accept the lies and false promises that society and the media offer you. True love, true acceptance, and true beauty can only come from our one eternal Father.

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassiti, Leader of youth,
Pray for us.


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