Genesis 1-3: The Story of Creation and of Nations

ABOUT READING: As this is my first post discussing the Old Testament, I will be touching on the story of creation and original sin. Let’s start with a short summary: In the first chapter, God creates the world in six days followed by the second chapter where He rests for the seventh:

DAY #1: Light is created and separated from darkness; created “day” and “night.”
DAY #2: A “dome” is made to separate different bodies of waters; created the “sky.”
DAY #3: Water from the sky is gathered in a basin and dry land appears; created the “earth” and vegetation.
DAY #4: Lights appear in the sky to differentiate day from night; created the sun and moon.
DAY #5: Water and sky teem with living creatures; created sea creatures and birds.
DAY #6: Earth brings forth every kind of living creature; created animals then humans to have dominion over other creatures.
DAY #7: God rests.

This preamble is then followed by the start of “The Story of Nations” in which we read about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This segment starts with another short telling of “The Story of Creation” where we are told of how woman was fashioned out of man’s side. Then in chapter three, both Adam and Eve eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge because Eve had been tricked by the serpent. Upon eating the fruit, which was forbidden by God, Adam and Eve acquire the knowledge of “good” and “evil.” Out of shame they attempt clothe themselves with leaves and hide from God when they hear Him walking in the garden. When the Lord learns of what the pair has done, He punishes them and castes them out of the garden to prevent them from also eating from the Tree of Life.

MY REACTION: I feel as though I have read these two stories on a number of occasions, mostly because when I decide that I want to read the Bible I start at the beginning and then lose steam. So having seen this a few times, I have realized that I both enjoy it and yet secretly hate it. The first part where God creates everything is my favorite section because of the  following passage:

“God looked at everything he had made,
and found it very good.”
Genesis 1:31

Everything was GOOD! God is good, so of course everything that was derived from Him was good as well. But then what happened? We silly little humans messed up; of our own volition we turned away from God and let evil creep into our existence.

So is this why I dislike this passage so? Not exactly, it is my pride that causes me to cringe slightly while reading this account. You see, I like to think of myself as a “good person” or almost as an Eve before the fall, but the truth is that I’m NOT. I am not a god, I am a flawed human being who stumbles and falls on a daily basis. The fact that I secretly and greedily wish that I was perfect and powerful is living proof of original sin. Yes, Adam and Eve may have eaten the fruit in the garden, but I take and taste my own form of the fruit each and every day through sin.

However, I have access to something that Adam and Eve had to wait for, Jesus’ death and resurrection. Jesus died so that I might have eternal life. I may be the daughter of Eve, but I am also Daddy’s Little Brat. So no matter how many times I fall flat on my face or how loud I scream when I don’t get my way, He will always be there to pick me up, dust me off, and wipe away my tears. I love you Daddy, and thank you for this wonderful day.

Don’t see why you should bother reading the Bible or want to read it, but are struggling with a lack of motivation? Try reading Pastor Jon Lilley’s post called “Four Reasons to Read the Bible.”


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