“Guys Don’t Want the Pure Girl”

I remember the first time I encountered Jason and Crystalina Evert, it was in my high school sophomore religion class taught by the one and only Mrs. Lily. For half of the school year we studied “World Religions” and the other half “Theology of the Body.” Well, it was in the later that we were shown videos of Jason and Crystalina talking about romance, virginity, sex, love, and marriage. Like the students in the video below, I remember being amazed at how entertaining, down to earth, and honest the couple was.



Well what does this have to do with today’s post anyway? About two weeks ago I went on a day retreat hosted by my university’s Gospel choir, which I am a member of. At the end as we were putting the resource room we had used back together, I noticed that there were some pamphlets on a small table near the windows. Two of them caught my eye “Pure Womanhood” by Cyrstalina Evert and “Pure Manhood” by Jason Evert. So today I thought I would share the first of several excerpts from Cyrstalina’s text.

As you have probably guessed this first section is entitled “Guys don’t want the pure girl.” Let me explain; each small portion is named after a lie that women tell themselves to feel better about themselves and their love lives. What I liked about this section was that she discussed how most girls are afraid that the guy they are seeing will abandon them because they refuse to do something sexual. The she ends with “Let him be afraid that he’s going to lose you unless he knows how to respect you.”

I was nineteen years old when I had my first kiss, and not because that was the first time a boy tried to kiss me. It was because I wanted to wait for a man who would love me for me, for a man who would fight for my honor. Ladies, I have dated the kind of man who only wants to have a good time, and because I didn’t give him what he wanted, he left in a hurry. But the man who wants to not only be your knight in shining armor, but also your best friend is every girl’s dream and worth waiting for. You are beautiful, you are the Crown of Creation, you are a sacred vessel for life; no one other than those who see you for what you truly are and treat you as such deserve to be with you. As for the young men reading this post, take a look at Mike Donehey’s article in which he discusses what is means to treat women with respect and why.

Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us, sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.

Mama Mary, may we as God’s daughters follow your example of purity and love.
And may God’s sons love and respect us as your Son loved the Church.


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